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Hypnosis for Sleep Improvement

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Get some rest!

Not getting enough sleep can have serious effects on your health and quality of life. In addition to always waking up "on the wrong side of the bed," sleepless nights can cause physical ailments and weaken your immune system.


Hypnosis is a great solution for sleep problems.
Our techniques will allow you to enter a calm, natural sleep and release any inner turmoil which may be prevending sound sleep. For no-obligation details, please call (703) 341-6655 or contact us online.

"The process allows a person to achieve a goal that otherwise requires medication, or without that, seems unobtainable. To my surprise,
I found that I was able to be hypnotized easily and that even after
the first session, I was experiencing significant changes
in my ability to fall asleep easily."
-- P.K. White


"I feel less anxious, like I can control the anxiety with my mind.
I sleep better, too. Jason is professional and personable. He
has a very calm demeanor which puts me at ease. So far it
has been really good. I can control my anxiety and
I have gone from waking several times per night
to one or fewer."
-- Emma K.

You'll feel refreshed during your hypnosis session as well as afterwards, and you'll feel more energy in your life as you begin to sleep soundly! While hypnosis is not a state of sleep, the two work together wonderfully to help you feel better.

Relieving nighttime stress and improving sleep is often one of the easiest situations to address with hypnosis. In fact, causing someone to fall asleep while in hypnosis is so easy it can be a concern to the hypnotist!

Your mind is active throughout the hypnotic process, and we'll guide you through a systematic approach in which we can help you to rebuild your ability to relax at night, let go of stressors, and set aside the day's concerns for tomorrow.

We give you the tools to free yourself from insomnia!

sleep better with hypnosis

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"I found it easier to let go of my issues while under hypnosis
as opposed to traditional therapy. I started here sleeping only
every other night with a lot of anxiety weighing on my mind. Throughout the process my sleep improved, and I've been
able to shelve my anxiety away. I felt safe knowing that I
could wake from the state at anytime. Very successful!"
-- Ellie F.


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