Hypnosis for Unwanted Habits

Learn how to control your habits at the unconscious level.

Remove Bad Habits with Hypnosis

Habits can be painful or embarassing, and we can help!

Hypnosis deals with unconscious factors. For example, you may not be consciously choosing to bite your nails, grind your teeth, smoke, or eat.

A habit can be like a "virus" that has loaded onto your home computer. Through hypnosis, we can work with you to go in and remove the negative programming and rid you of the unwanted behaviors.

"My nails are looking great! I finally left them alone and now just obsess to keep them looking long and healthy. It's made a difference keeping a nail file handy too in case I accidentally chip one. I'm trying to convince my smoker friends to see you too! Thanks for your help!"
-- Nicole M.


"Hypnosis has worked wonders for me. After years of trying to
implement behavioral changes on my own I went to see Jason Linett.

In one afternoon I experienced significant changes in multiple
nervous habits (popping my knuckles, clenching my jaw, etc.).

He was very informative and instructional, taking the time to
teach me self-hypnosis. He also provided me with invaluable recordings of his, that have served to reduce my stress levels
and increase my self-confidence."
-- Deanna W.

How would your life be better if you could stop biting your nails or chewing your nails? What if you could take control of your nervous habits?

Contact us today to use hypnosis to give you the tools to free yourself from your bad habits!

Habits Hypnosis

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